News and updates

How to update: visit the product page, click download demo, download and install!
  • Duck 1.0.13 (9/13/2019)

    Duck 1.0.13 adds a sample offset control. This is primarily for use with Ableton when Duck is preceded by a plugin with a long internal delay. Open the SPEED menu and you’ll find the offset control at the top next to the speed menu heading. It also makes the cross-over frequency display brighter and easier to read. We have also added a feature which displays a small orange dot in the menu if a new version is available for download. Thanks to the folks on Gearslutz who requested these features.


  • Duck 1.0.11 (8/10/2019)

    Duck 1.0.11Duck 1.0.11 adds a new feature and fixes a bug affecting Protools users with the demo.

    The menu now has options to flip the curve shape  horizontally or vertically (see picture).

    It also fixes a bug where the demo version in Protools could cause Protools to make a buzzing sound after 5-10 minutes. This could only be stopped by restarting Protools. We don’t really understand how Protools manages to enter such a bizarre failure mode, but it appears possible.

    Thanks to Jordan for his help in spotting this bug.


  • Texture 1.5.15 (5/10/2019)

    Since 1.5 the following fixes:

    • Fix for incorrect LFO lengths at 8 beats+*
    • Fix for possible crash using Akai DAW
    • Manual link in menu works
    • Stopped crash when loading bad sample
    • Disabled OpenGL on Windows (too risky!)
    • Fixed logic error with repeat mode and DAW looping
    • Spectrum analyser improvements
    • Fix for BPM sync display bug

    *Jim needs to practice multiplying by eight!