Common questions and answers

Licensing and Login

Where do I get my license?

  • If you purchased your product from us, first login to our site. Your login details will also have been emailed to you in an email titled: "Your account on Devious Machines".
  • Once you are logged in, your license codes for all the products you own will appear on the licenses page.

What's my password?

Still cannot log in?

  • Check you didn't purchase the product from Plugin Boutique.  If you did then you can get your license and downloads directly from them.
  • Definitely purchased from us? Contact our support team.



Where's the manual?

Open the plugin, go to the menu (the gear icon in Texture) and select Manual, or click here

Why isn't Texture appearing in my plug-in list?

  • Firstly, Texture is a stereo effect. Therefore, it must be loaded as an insert plugin and not an instrument. Some DAWs will also not permit you to load Texture onto a mono track.
  • If you do not see Texture in your list of insert plugins, try re-scanning your plug-in folder (or quit and reload your DAW).
  • If you are using PC, check which folder your DAW expects to find VST2 plug-ins in, and that this folder contains Texture.dll. If it doesn't, reinstall Texture, taking care that you set the VST plugins folders correctly.
  • If you still experience problems, please contact support.

Can I import my own samples into Texture?

  • This is currently not possible, however since several people have asked, we are working on adding this feature as a free update.

Need support from a human?

If you purchased your product from Plugin Boutique: contact them.  You can find your license code and installer on their site.

If you purchased your product directly from Devious Machines please e-mail

When contacting support about a bug its useful to have as much information as possible.  In particular we need to know the version of the plugin you are running (check the gear menu and click 'About'), and your operating system version information.